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Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa Baby: Lily Met Santa Today!

Lily's Great Aunt Melanie took us to see Santa today! The day started off great, with Lily having a full tummy and in a great mood. We left before school let out so we could beat the crowd. Lily fell asleep on the way to the mall, which was good because she wasn't cranky when we got out to wait in line.

We got her out of the car and into the sling so she'd be ready to wait.

We got into the mall, and right there was Santa! WITH NO LINE!!!! We went right up to Santa and got her picture taken. It turned out so great! I'm really excited to share it :D

Isn't it adorable?! :D Thanks Aunt Mel!

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  1. Me thinks Santa's gonna be bringing her lots of gifts this year :D