. My Little Lily Bud: The SunBaby Diapers Came!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The SunBaby Diapers Came!

The Lee Grandparents sent some awesome SunBaby Diapers! Definitely great for cloth diapering on a budget! I was soooo excited, but before jumping in had to make sure they were properly pre-washed before using them. Lily decided to model for me. She loves the camera, so it was easy.

We were sent 12 diapers, 3 of each kind. We got...

Cute little green ones with flowers and butterflies.

Blue with polka-dots, and my favorites...


There were some white ones, too, but she hasn't worn them yet.

They work just as well as the Charlie Banana ones so far, and they're a heck of a lot more affordable! I know we're supposed to be trying to do Made in USA and whatnot, but the Chinese SunBaby diapers are too good to pass up I also know they have a whole bunch of other patterns that I may have to indulge in, later :)


  1. She has the model face going on already XD ADORABLE!!! Love the hello kitty pattern :D

  2. They appear to adjust as well. Are they one-size? Too bad we are almost out of the diaper stage as they look fabulous!

  3. Yes, these are one-size. The site is http://sunbabydiapers.com/

    They have a TON of different patterns, and apparently now they have some new ones.