. My Little Lily Bud: June 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Most Dangerous Pictures I've Taken

Oh my gosh it's been a wild trip the past couple of days. Lily cut her first tooth, she's been clingy and separation anxious, as well as constipated.

Wednesday was exciting when a mama deer left her baby under the front porch for the day. I got pictures of her, which was the most awesome but dangerous thing I think I have ever done. At one point the fawn followed me and started crying.yelling at me and when I turned around she ran right up to me and deer-hugged me. At that moment I heard a crashing in the woods -- Mama Doe. I already saw her go after Tike for getting too close so I ran like hell back inside. I looked back only when I was at the door and mama came out of the woods looking for me. I'm very thankful I didn't stick around...

We had to move the fawn when the people came to take care of the lawn (we being me). Carrying a wild newborn fawn was pretty awesome and scary when I had no idea where the mama was.

But Mama Doe gave birth to her second a little after dropping this one off.  I think I need to say this fawn was at most a couple of hours old when he/she was brought over.