. My Little Lily Bud: Mail Call! And Other Lily News

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mail Call! And Other Lily News

So, I made a post before about being addicted to Listia. Well, I got some awesome stuff I won in the mail! Lily volunteered to model her cute bows.

Aren't they precious?? I originally won just one, but due to some communication issues the one sending the bows sent two! Awesome! Many thanks, if you read this.

I also got a cute little coyote pendant :) It's really pretty. I will show it one I get it on a necklace

I got some Mederma products I won in a giveaway to remove stretchmarks. SCORE!

And a free perfume sample. Awesome.

In the life of Lily Bud, she is beginning to grab her paci and try to put it in her mouth. She's close! I also gave her a little massage after her bath. It totally energized her, opposite of desired effect. Oh well, she's asleep on my arm now.

A whole bunch of awesome over here.

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