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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Sometimes when you're low on food, all you can really do is eat what you have.  However, I feel it pays to be creative when these times do occur.  You never know what you will find you like.

For example, we have obtained some crunchy almond butter.  It is like peanut butter, but obviously with almonds.  The taste is not bad, just different.  I personally do not go to this first when making a sandwich.  However, dipping some crunchy rosemary bread-sticks (Alessi brand) in this almond butter make a great snack or, in my case, breakfast.

So whenever you are low on food or sick of the same-ole same-ole, get a little creative with what you have.  If you have anything like this you wish to share, please do!  I like to try new things!

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