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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lily's Big Day

Lily and I have pretty much been sitting around at home for the past week, and today we got to go into town for some health related stuff. So, Lily got to use her new hood for the first time!

So we went and she was the best little girl ever. No crying, no fussing. She smiled everywhere she went and people wanted to take her home. I felt like a kangaroo because she was in her sling and I covered her in a big hoodie I have, so her head was sticking out. She liked it, though :)

As soon as we got home, the fussing began. She was so tired, but wouldn't sleep, and if she did it was a 10-minute cat-nap. Took me forever to make her next hood... but at least I finished it tonight. It's not as good as the first in my opinion, but I think that's because I added something... EARS!!

Yeah, it's funny. Laugh at it, I did. I think I need to make a new template to get the desired effects, but for now it works. It's cute, so I don't mind.

The problem might have been the material -- it was really stretchy and I've never before worked with it. Oh well. Trial and Error.

Yeah, she's asleep in the picture. It took the CMT Country Christmas special to make her fall asleep. BUT it gave Mama enough time to finish that wreck of a hood!

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  1. SQUEEEEE! That smile is absolutely adorable. She totally gets that from mommy :D She also likes the attention. She will be cute and adorable and well behaved when everyone's looking, then be cute and adorable and a spoiled little miss fussy when it's only mommy :P