. My Little Lily Bud: September 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lily- Week 2

I'm a little slow in posting week 2 thanks to moving drama.

Little Lily Bud has already been out to 4 restaurants since she was born, and not once has she cried or been upset. She demanded boobie milk twice, but other than that she was either asleep or just chill :) Such the little angel.

Now for some shout-outs because this has been an awesome week for Lily. As in, Momma won her some stuff! :D Most of which has already come in the mail.

From Swagbucks.com I got a free $15 promo GC for Ecomom.com
From Just By Living I won a $15 GC to Ecomom.com
THEN I won a $40 Ecomom.com GC from Consumerbell.com

I was excited to say the least, lol. Bought Lily 2 GroVia Newborn Diapers, two Newborn Kissaluvs hemp diapers, and baby face balm :)

Earlier in the week I got her WonderBumpers in. Won those from Couponing Shopaholic :) Pink and Chocolate.

From ToBeThode Lily is getting a Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest I won her :)

Not to mention the awesome Milkin' Cookies I won so Lily will never be without milk :) At least 'til the cookies are gone :) Won those from Life With Captain Fussybuckets :)

Earlier I won a BornFree bottle for Lily, but it still has yet to arrive. Thanks Raising My 5 Sons! That where I won :)

I've won some other things as well, but that's what Lily is getting :)

Right now she's sleeping in my arms. Cannot believe it's already been 2, almost 3 weeks since she was born.

Last night I set her about a foot away from me in the bed to sleep... I woke up and she was sucking on my shirt in her sleep. So precious :) I don't know who will have a harder time with her in a crib -- her, or me?

For all the stress around her, she's a calm and happy baby. She smiled and laughed at me today. I wasn't aware they did that this early, but she did. She still has dark eyes that look more slate grey than blue. They'll probably be like her daddy's dark eyes :)

Tike still likes to sleep around her. I'm dreading having to give him up :(

I'm hoping we won't have to...

Lily was having a reaction with little bumps around her eyes. It isn't like the newbie acne, but more like an actual rash. It's gone now, but I'm trying to figure out if it was something I ate or the cats or what.

Her cord fell off :D I'm holding onto it for now. Weird, yes, but I don't care <3
She has a little left, but I don't want to mess with it... I'm a wuss, I know!

And now we wait to post week 3 :) If I get the chance I'll post before then

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lily- Week 1

So I've been a mother a little over a week and I've learned a lot. Made mistakes already, but learned I can do this!

Lucky for me, Lily doesn't cry very much. I don't know if that is because I meet her needs before she has to cry or if she is just a calm baby. It's kind of nice, but not at all what I was expecting.

We had her 1-week check-up and she grew! Of course she did, but the doctor was impressed because she has been breastfed. According to him it's apparently common for breastfed babies to lose weight their first week because of latching problems and stuff like that. Not Lily! She now weighs 6lbs 11oz!! Yay! She was 6lbs 9oz out of the womb, and 6lbs 4oz when we left the hospital. :) He also said I didn't seem like a first-time mom, so I think that was a compliment.

She is currently sleeping with us in the bed if she isn't in her little bouncy seat Allyssa and Kera gave her. I'm not too proud of this, but yesterday I made a bad mistake. It could have been worse, so I'm thankful I was just startled. I was so tired yesterday that before getting into bed I put Lily in her seat without buckling her in. I zonked out, and luckily Joseph's mom came in to check on us and found her on the floor. When she said that I sat straight up and started freaking out. She was fine, though, just laying there making the "feed me" face. I will NOT make that mistake again. I have been so worried about SIDS that I rarely let her out of my sight, though I know she's okay.

So far, so good. I just want her to stay a newborn forever <3 She's so precious!