. My Little Lily Bud: 2017

Thursday, June 29, 2017

I'm Back!: An update on my life and what is to come

Just a quick shout-out to all my followers past, present and future. I thank you so much for following even though I have been gone for some time. Something about deployment and single-parenting make it a bit difficult to keep up with things not Navy or child related.

On that note, Lily will be visiting her grandparents this summer, so I can start to focus on self-improvement.

A few things on the list that I will try to update about every other day, if not every day, will be my (hopeful) transformation into a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Being in the Navy forces me to focus on health, nutrition and fitness on a regular basis, so I am going to be looking into that a lot with my blog.

I also want to point out that I was recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression after being in a pretty messed-up marriage, so I'm going to share my journey dealing with that along with coping mechanisms and other useful things I learn along the way.

Every now and again I will also share stories from my travels underway. I was lucky enough to participate in  Pacific Partnership 2016 last year, and I have many stories I would like to share.

I will be reviewing products like Arbonne ( I am a consultant and do make commission off of if, though I just started like three days ago and will post more information about that when the time comes) which is a vegan certified and gluten-free company that provides nutrition, beauty products and skincare, that will go along with my attempt at a better lifestyle.

I'll probably also talk about my new love, Spider Gwen, and my Convention experiences as they happen.

There is a lot in store for this summer, and I'm going to try to make the best of it for my readers!

Just remember that my posts are not endorsed by the Navy, and anything I say about a product has absolutely nothing to do with the military, Navy, Department of Defense, or anything else of that nature.