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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lily Update!

Lily is 14 weeks old and is growing like a weed! She wants to sit up and walk so bad! But, of course, she still needs to roll over first. She is getting better, though. When I prop her up against a pillow she starts doing baby crunches to try and sit up on her own.

Her Great Aunt Melanie brought some things from a friend of hers (including the chair seen in a previous post) and there was this cute Christmas outfit we were not sure she would still fit in.

Well... it fits! Look how freaking adorable it is!

She's so awesome. She also has started cackling when I change her diaper. She also thinks it is funny to kick the powder container out of my hand -while open- when I am trying to powder her bottom.

She has also started to play with her feet if she can reach them. She likes chewing on things, too. Like mommy's hand, fingers, arm... whatever she can get into her mouth. It isn't cool when she grabs my hair and yanks it. After giggling she will stick it in her mouth. Apparently my hair doesn't taste good because she makes a funny face afterward :)

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