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Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm a Dork, I Know

So to fill my gaming void I was surfing through the internet and GASP! I saw EverQuest 2 is going to Free To Play(FTP)!

So I go back to my ancient Sony Station account and check it out. Apparently they are merging their already FTP with the subscription-based one. You can still pay for better benefits, but overall it will be FTP.

So I wanted to see what the already FTP EQ2: Extended was like. Boom, downloaded. Easy as pie.

I had forgotten how much I looooooooved EQ2. It's so pretty, but compared to newer games (like Rift) they're alright. But hey, better than Runescape.

So I get in and Booooooo, I can't be a Kerran because I have to pay for it. But I wanted to be a kitty person! No matter, try the wood elf... No, gotta pay for that, too. Is there anything I can be?! I settled for Half-Elf and began customization!

What I always liked about the Sony games I played was the individual character customization. I can change eye angles and color, height, hair color combos, chin, nose, ear, and cheek sizes and a lot more. Unfortunately there were things missing that I remember using before, like make-up and weight on SWG. I eventually ended up with this:

I also had to choose a class. I wanted a Ranger, but I had to pay for that. In fact, most of them you have to pay for in Station cash, but until I can pay I settled for Swashbuckler, which is pretty much a Rogue in World of Warcraft.

So I'm playing and I realized that I really like swashbuckler because I can go stealth and not worry when Lily needs something. It's pretty sweet.

I've been invited to a guild, but I'm playing to satisfy that MMORPG gap I have. I would love to raid again, but Lily needs a schedule first. And I need moolah. Then I'll see :P

With all the new pricey games coming out, though, I do feel better knowing I can play an old favorite for free, and if I want to get serious I have the option to pay only for the things I want.

Picture credits: http://runescapebase.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=rsart&action=display&thread=2741

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