. My Little Lily Bud: Today in Pictures 11/13

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today in Pictures 11/13

I thought for sure that because we went to bed at 12am we would surely get up before 10am. We got up at 12:30pm.

So I started the day by feeding Tike and Miss Splotch. The weather seemed nice, and I wanted to take a break from drawing so Lily and I went outside.

Tike walked around with us. He kept getting under my feet.

Lily liked getting to see everything outside :D

She even got to go see Kathleen the goat :P

Afterward we went inside and she got a bath.

Then she fell asleep.

Then I got to work on my drawing! It's nowhere near finished, but at least it's been started!

And that was pretty much our day.


  1. Busy day for mommy and babeh :D I love that little wrap you got to carry her in. And she's adorable in her little pink towel :D

  2. What a great day - so glad to be a part of it!! Love y'all!