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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Today in Pictures

Today we woke up at a decent hour (10am thanks to Fall Back) and Lily filled up on boobie milk. She was thoroughly pleased. Then she took a loooong nap in her vibrating bouncy chair. After waking up and finding out we were going to Target, she was happy.

Unfortunately, it meant getting up and out into the wind. That wouldn't be a problem if the sun wasn't so bright. Not the dreaded car seat!!

The car ride wasn't too bad, and sitting in mommy's pouch and being able to see everything was a treat. She even got some headbands! Unfortunately, GreatGrandmommyBunny continues to say they look like they're squeezing her brains out.

After it's all said and done... oh my gosh she loves playing with her toy :)

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