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Monday, November 7, 2011

Today in Pictures: Invasion of Ladybugs

Today has been a really nice day. Lily woke us up at a decent hour, the weather was wonderful, and I think I'm getting off to a good start with the blogging :)

Tike Myson (My lovely kitty, which still would be better off with a new home *hinthint*) got a good brush-down today. He's such a person's kitty. He doesn't like being alone... but last night he stalked a doe that came up into the yard. He won't attack things smaller than him, but of COURSE he'd go after the doe. I think he doesn't hunt after getting stung by a bee last time he tried...

I went inside and got chores done while Lily slept. I think it helps :) After a while I decided to take the dog out because she was wandering around. I opened the door to the back porch and I was attacked by a swarm of ladybugs! They always seem to get me >.< Got some nice pictures, though. I ended up going outside and taking Lily with me. Eventually I put her toy on the back porch and we sat and enjoyed the weather.

Today was cool. I also got college stuff in the mail :) Yaaaay for today!

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