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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just Another Day

I actually got up at 9am today, though Lily would not go to sleep until 3. I finally got up and downloaded some samples if white noise and burned them to a disc. I just hit "repeat" on the CD player and it worked.


There is one for babies and one that is a recording of ocean waves. They are 10 minutes each, so a loop really doesn't affect anything.

It gave me nightmares about the movie Poltergeist because of the static sound and it being the last thing on my mind, but Lily went into insta-calm mode. I prefer the ocean ones :)

Lily's been hanging out in her Baby DeeDee Sleep Nest all day. I love this thing <3 She has a habit of kicking off her blankets, so I just put this on her and BAM! no more problems.

Thanks to To.Be.Thode and their giveaway a while back :)ToBeThode

GGB says the armadillos are back. She's not happy about it, but maybe Tike will get a friend :) He's getting fat, too. And Sean (the goat) almost headbutted him today. Lucky for Tike there was a fence.

Slow day, but it's cool.

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