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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The end of the world!

Alright, so I must sound completely crazy, but every time I hear anything about the end of the world I have to sit down and watch, read, listen, whatever. Prophets of Doom came on today and I only caught snip-its of it, but I'm back on a conspiracy kick. Nibiru! Planet X! Nemesis! AAAAHHH!!

It did get me thinking, though. If some natural catastrophe happened, would I be prepared?

Probably not.

So I have decided that I will put together a survival kit! I'm not really able to stockpile or anything, but I have a fear that if I DID stockpile it, some not-so-nice people would just come in and steal it if I couldn't defend it.

In my survival kit:
flint and steel
waterproof matches
fish hooks
water purifier
magnifying glass
multi-purpose tool (like a large swiss army knife)
First-aid (stockpile lots of ibuprofen :P)
needle and thread
bow/crossbow and arrows/bolts
defense (maybe a gun)
my cat (He'll learn to hunt if he has to :P )
Things to barter with (clothes, tools, resources, etc.)

That's all I can think of, but I'm sure there is more I haven't thought of. If you want to add something that you know you'd have in your survival kit, leave a comment with it :)

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