. My Little Lily Bud: Pierce Baby Ears: Yes or No?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pierce Baby Ears: Yes or No?

I came across a debate post on We Have It All that applies to me: Infant ear piercings. So I decided to put in my two cents worth.

Piercing Infant or Toddler Ears - Yay or Nay? What do YOU say?

I say "Nay" to infant ear piercings, but that's my decision. I'm not saying anyone else is wrong for saying "Yay", but that's my personal preference.

I know when I was little I kept asking and asking and asking and I was upset people had their ears pierced when they were babies. I felt so baby-ish. However, looking back I am glad that I was able to decide when I got my first piercings because it made me really think about getting my second pair. I feel that Lily should have a chance to choose what she wants to do with her life. I think when she's old enough to go with friends for a birthday bash or something similar that would be great.

It's Lily's life, so I'll let her live it up the way she wants. ...Within reason :)

I am also afraid that, with my luck, she would rip out the earrings and I wouldn't be able to figure it out or something. Maybe I'm paranoid. I'm scared of infections, too. I am ALL OVER that diaper rash. I just don't want any kind of discomfort I could have easily prevented.

She'll get her piercings when she's much older if she really wants them.


  1. Hi :) Thanks so much for linking up!!

    I totally understand 'letting them chose' to do what they want when they get older. That makes sense. We are pregnant with our 6th and even though all of the other girls got their ears pierced when they were born, I am not too sure what I want to do this time.

    Hope your week has been great and I hope to see you again next week! We post on Sunday nights :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with us! I also want to prevent any discomfort that I can.... and I agree earrings are not necessary so we are totally avoiding that discomfort. Hope to have you on the linky this week!