. My Little Lily Bud: Today is Caturday!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today is Caturday!

Did you know...

"The sound a cat makes is unique and is rendered onomatopoeically as "meow" or similar variants ("miaow", "miau" etc.) in most European languages as well as Mandarin Chinese. Japanese has it as "nyaa" or "nyan"; Korean as "yaong" or "nyaong".  In Arabic the sound is transcribed as "mowa'a.""

That explains "Nyan Cat," huh?

"Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan!"
Image from http://nyan-cat.com/images/nyan-cat.gif 
Well, today is Caturday, so I thought I would post some things related to my kitty, Tike Myson.  I don't recognize him enough, so today will be his day!

Tike is my furbaby.  I've had him since kittenhood and am so glad we kept him around.  He's a joy to have around, but he must stay outside now that we are living at my grandmother's house.  He was raised as an indoor kitty, so he's been taking it kind of hard.

Yesterday, though, he learned how to get in to the screened porch out back and found his way to my open window.  At 7AM he was meowing at it, trying to get me to let him in.

We usually leave the back door to the porch open, and he's already gotten inside a few times.  I don't mind, but my grandmother does.  I have just never seen a cat fight so avidly to get indoors!

Hopefully soon he can be an indoor kitty again.

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