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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just a Little Hard to Handle: My Parenting Issues

Warning:  A lot of ranting involved.

Now that Lily is crawling at the speed of sound, she is getting around into stuff she shouldn't be more frequently.  She is 7 1/2 months old and is already pulling herself up into a standing position.  She's ready to go!

This is where I have some problems, too.  She gets bored very easily and HATES being restrained for too long without something new. She likes her swing, bouncy seat, walker toy, play pen, etc. for very short amounts of time. So I am constantly having to watch her while she plays or take her outside.  Which really isn't a problem until I have something I need to do, like homework, cleaning, etc.  Lily always crawls directly to the dog or to something she can get hurt on so I have to constantly move her.  I know this shouldn't be an issue, but I really have no other way for her to occupy herself without getting uncomfortable.

I tried a few times to create a physical barrier in the living room that gave her a large, safe crawling space which worked out really well.  Problem?  The old dog (BW) was cut off from two of her resting areas, and while it was alright to do that at night, during the day I really have to watch BW's stress levels and she might try to jump over the barrier and get hurt. So that's out...

She does not sleep in a crib, but instead bed-shares with me.  I tried for a while to get her to sleep in the playpen right next to my bed but she wouldn't do it.  I tried to slowly get her in there, but I guess because I really didn't want her sleeping in there, either.  The only reason why I even tried is because my grandmother kept making remarks about how, "She should be sleeping in her own bed" and other similar things.  She also keeps trying to get me to let Lily "cry-it-out" which I am very much against doing.

I think she means well, but I hate her telling me that Lily is "throwing a tantrum" so I will pick her up.  She is 7 months old.  She cannot talk.  Her only form of communication is crying (except a little signing, but we have not gotten to "comfort me please, I'm tired" yet).

Every parent is different, but just because I wear my baby, bed-share, and comfort her when she cries instead of leaving her there alone to cry does not mean she's going to be a spoiled brat.  It would be one thing if I was giving her a candy bar in a store after she pitched a fit, but a 7-month-old doesn't want candy bars!  

Anyway, my point is that I am having a hard time doing homework on a laptop that shuts off and stays off if breathed on the wrong way and watching a scooter get into everything she isn't supposed to.  Maybe if I went against everything I have already done for Lily and left her to cry in a playpen, put on some music, and did what I needed to do there wouldn't be an issue for me.  But... where would that leave Lily?  I don't like the thought of it, so I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

What is important is that so far Lily is healthy, happy, and just plain awesome.  She isn't scared of anything and loves being around people as well as sitting "alone" in the middle of a field (Mama spies on her picking grass).  She loves playing with toys, but like every baby she's curious and wants to see more. If my parenting methods have helped to produce anything in her, then why should I do a U-turn and undo it?

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