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Sunday, April 15, 2012


"Do I have a niche?" I asked myself today.  I am one of many bloggers, but none of us are alike.  So where do I fall in the blogger world?

Now, I love freebies and giveaways and post them when I can but,  I am not a pure giveaway blog (though I have a couple coming up soon :) ) nor am I constantly updating about freebies (though a few here and there I do catch).

I take many pictures and post them on days Lily has not hidden my camera.  I am not a photography blog.

I make a few things here and there and majored in Studio Art, but am not a craft, art  or design blog.

I play massive amounts of video games.  Not that Facebook stuff, 'mind you.  Games with consoles or PC games, like Pokemon, Zelda, World of Warcraft...  I am not a gamer blog (though that would be wicked.)

I am a big animal person, but I'm not pet blogging.

I am a total New-Age nut and love mysticism and different faiths, ancient and modern.  I'm not a New-Age blogger.

Fashion.  I love it, but can't afford it LOL.  Definitely not a fashion blogger, though one day I MUST get a Spirit Hood.  That ties in with mysticism too :D

Organic and green living is a big part of my life (at least when I can.)  I'm not an eco-blogger.

Let's face it, I do not have a specific niche.  I'm pretty much a jack of all trades and master in none.  Except Mommydom.

Despite everything listed above, it doesn't change that I am a momma.  Lily is with me through all of the above and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It is my niche, to be a mom blogger, because no two of us are exactly alike.

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