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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Making Things Happen Through Faith and Symbolism: Personal Post

Before I continue I'm just going to say that this is not aimed at any one faith, religion, or whatever.  From my own experiences I feel there is some truth in all religions and faiths, but that is my path.  These are my own thoughts and feelings and in no way represent an entire group of people. Your own path is probably very different from mine, but that is not why I am writing.

I am writing to share with you my own experiences with symbolism in faith and self-improvement.  Now, whether you believe in God or gods, angels, animal totems, spirit guides, or just believe in something, symbolism can be a great way to instill a motivation within yourself to make things happen.  You might ask how this works?  Well, I'll give you an example.

I associate heavily with animal totems and imagery.  If you don't know what an animal totem is, it is basically a native ideal that animal spirits can guide and protect you if you choose to listen.  Animal guides represent different aspects of oneself and the world and connect us to Great Father/Great Spirit/Spirit.  Spirit can also be translated into God if you so choose.

It is not worship of animals, but instead using what they symbolize in one's life to help better oneself.  Honoring these animals is honoring what they represent, and in doing so you acknowledge what you need, don't need, and a path to self-improvement.

My totem beliefs go a bit deeper than that, but that condensed version of my beliefs will be sufficient for now.

If I am working in a group, I look to Bee for guidance because it is good in groups.  I take that symbol in my mind and concentrate on it, knowing that the ability to work well in groups is with me in the form of a Bee.  While in reality the ability is within myself, the symbol makes it more tangible to me.  More real.

Does that make sense at all?  I can always hit it closer to home using this example:

Pray to God that He may help you to bring out the strength, patience and courage within you to work well in a group.  (I don't know which Saint in Catholicism represents this ideal, but carrying around a picture or token associated with that Saint is pretty much the same as the Totem Animal.)

Same thing almost, but from a different faith.  If within your faith you feel it wrong to look to symbols from other faiths, that is not a problem at all.  However if you think that is is alright because it is not actual worship, but just a means of putting a shape to an aspect then by all means try it out!  Not just Animal Totems, but deities from other faiths as well.

For those who have prayed, chanted, meditated, etc. for things to come true and have really felt within their hearts and souls that it would come true, many have seen miracles happen before their eyes.

So why am I mentioning this at all?

I was hoping that maybe by mentioning this that my readers could become more in-touch with their faith, whatever it might be, or even look to other symbols in their lives to help make miracles happen.

One woman won the lottery after meditating on money she needed to make her dreams come true every day for a long time.  She didn't play the lottery every day, but when she did the meditation seemed to pay off.  I'm not saying you will win the lottery, but I'm saying that maybe if we keep our needs on our mind and have faith in some way or another that it will happen, why couldn't it?

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