. My Little Lily Bud: Fashionable Friday!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashionable Friday!!!

I'm not a gigantic fashion guru, but I do like to look nice.  I also like to make sure Lily is at the top of her game with her outfits and accessories.

Just a few shout-outs here, before I begin.  NoMoreRack.com is a GREAT place to pick up affordable fashionable items without having to leave your house.  I love a lot of their outfits and accessories, and you never know when an Insanity Deal is going to pop up!

Fab.com also has some great styles and accessories at a discount.  They also have a lot of designer and unique items, so don't forget to check them out daily!

Lastly, Listia.com is an awesome place to find FREE clothes, accessories, and anything else under the sun.  I have gotten some awesome things for Lily on Listia and will continue to do so!

Now onward to the fashion!

This outfit is by Authentic Baby and is 100% cotton.  It's stretchy and comfortable and is one of the few outfits Lily doesn't try to rip off.

This outfit is by Carter's and is 100% cotton.  It's a cute little romper with an adorable pattern.  Unfortunately, this is Lily's last wearing because she is finally growing out of it.

Last is a headband Lily's daddy bought for her.  It was an Ebay find, and the cool part is the flower clip comes off.  So we can get some pretty awesome use out of it.

Do you have any fashion secrets?  Don't hesitate to share!!

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