. My Little Lily Bud: Fun Way to Beat That Baby-Fat

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fun Way to Beat That Baby-Fat

Alright, so when I became pregnant I weighed about 105lbs, was 9 months pregnant and weighed 140lbs, and now am down to a little over 110lbs.  I'm doing pretty well, but still have a lot of squish in the middle.  I can't go to a gym and it's been too cold to walk around outside with Lily in her pouch or sling.  However am I to get those 10,000 recommended steps a day?!

Well, I had a "DUH!" moment when I realized I still had a Ps2 and Dance Dance Revolution. It took me hours to find all the pieces and set it up to my grandmother's dinosaur TV.  Well, I never did set it up to it, I used my own smaller TV, but it worked.  Before I knew it I had a work-out I could enjoy!  I ended up getting 5,000 steps on DDR alone before I realized I am rusty!  I knew I was going to need to work up to the 10K, but 5K is a great start!

Dance Dance Revolution has a workout mode where you can input how many calories you want to burn or how long you want to dance for. There are also so many different versions of DDR it's hard NOT to find songs you like. It's great cardio and awesome for the legs (and tushy :) so I find it worth the trouble.

There are DDR games for Wii or X-Box 360 with Kinect, and even Ps3, but if you don't have any of those and this sounds fun then I am sure you can find inexpensive used Ps2's or X-Boxes, DDR copies, and the DDR pads needed to play.

Lily also liked to watch.  The bright colors on the screen caught her attention and she laughed at her mommy doing funny things.  

I remember when we were younger my brother, sister, and I would often take turns playing and trying to get high scores.  We did it for HOURS.  I wonder how many steps we got then?

I know Swagbucks has different games and game consoles as rewards periodically, so you may even be able to grab some things for free if you look!  Personally, I've been an E-Bay fanatic.  Listia also has some great free deals on games as well.  Check it all out if you want!

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