. My Little Lily Bud: Recipe Success! And Other News

Monday, September 16, 2013

Recipe Success! And Other News

Yesterday I made the Halloween Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes I mentioned in a previous post, and I have to say they ROCKED! Even Lily loves them. She keeps saying, "Mama, cheesecake!" :)

So yes, if you are a pumpkin pie person like I am, those cheesecakes are awesome! And it really doesn't take a lot. I got a huge can of pumpkin, all I need is more cream cheese to make more!

Om nom nom
Lily is also starting to wear panties now. Yay! Of course as of right now she completely takes her underwear off, hands it to me, THEN goes potty.  We're working on it :)
I also have some reviews in progress for y'all to check out soon. Pretty excited about it! Some Kindle books and some nice Halloween stuff, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, don't forget to enter the Firmoo Giveaway. Low entries, ends soon!

Now off to run errands and finish up some chores. 

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