. My Little Lily Bud: Halloween Hijinx

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Halloween Hijinx

 I walked into Wal-Mart on September first to see the beginnings of Halloween shopping. I stopped dead (hehe) in my tracks and realized I was not prepared for this year. What was I going to do?! AHHH!!

Lily loves Halloween too!  October, 2012

Halloween has always been my favorite Holiday.  Sure, you get presents on Christmas, but for some reason the thought of dressing up and prancing around the neighborhood with friends and family gathering candy takes the cake for me.  What's better is now I can dress Lily up now, too!  Double the fun for the Mama!

Last year I did a costume review for Anytime Costumes (see review here) and dressed Lily Bud in a cute Lion costume once Halloween came around.  I was definitely more excited than she was! 

Last year I came up with my own costume on-the-fly as I honestly had let the idea slip past me.  Lily was taken care of so I didn't have too much to worry about.  Right?  Well, I ended up looking like a vampire pirate.  It was a little cool, but frustrating when I was totally uncomfortable walking up and down the street with everything falling off.


This year I have taken the early initiative to make sure my family is prepared for Halloween with a cute theme that is not only fun but affordable and comfortable. 

What theme is that, you ask?  Drumroll.... (badabadabadabadabada...)

Little Red Riding Hood!!!
Lily and I are going to be Red Riding Hoods and Joseph will be the Wolf.  Thought about being the grandma, but I already have some components of an adult Red Riding Hood costume and surprisingly none of the grandma.  Nope, no nightgowns, robes or slippers here.  Weird, huh?  Always preferred shorts and a t-shirt...

Anyway, for affordability's sake we went to the thrift store today and picked up some wicked-cute baskets for a dollar each for candy-holding and to transport goodies to Grandma's house.

Thrift store love <3

As I get more things together I will update here.

Does anyone have any tips on keeping Halloween affordable and fun? If so, totally share :)

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