. My Little Lily Bud: Long time no see, folks!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Long time no see, folks!

Well, I've been absent a long while, but I"m going to revive this blog to the best of my ability.

My last post was in September of 2013 and many things have changed since then.

January 2014 I began the process of joining the United States Navy. By May, I was on my way to boot camp, and in July I was officially a U.S. Navy Sailor.

I went through Navy Mass Communication Specialist A-School at Fort George G. Meade, MD, at the Defense Information School. After 8 months of education, May of 2015 I went to my first command, Navy Public Affairs Support Element East in Norfolk, VA. I was slated to deploy with the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group on USS Gravely in November, but a physical altercation between my husband and me caused my command to hold me back. My husband was arrested and I became a single mom almost two weeks before I was to deploy.

Now it's 2016, and I am slated yet again to deploy in May this year with USNS Mercy.

Obviously that doesn't describe everything I've learned and encountered, but in a nutshell that's what I have been up to.

I hope to keep up with the blog now that my life is settling down into something easier to handle.

Lily is doing very well as a Navy kid.  She's joyful all of the time and I'm really going to miss her while I am overseas. I know, though, that I will be able to bring back many experiences to share with her :)

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